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About 133liquor

Jennifer McGavin is Owner/Manager of 133 Liquor in Paonia, CO, a great place to mountain bike, hike, fish, and then knock off for a cold one. Check back often for weekly specials and insider tips.

Wines to Try

Which wine is your favorite? Why am I so tiiired? Can’t they put anything good on television anymore? Do ALL teenagers act like THAT? Kitchen Sink Artisan Blends Red Advertisements

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Fourth of July Sales

Many tequilas are on sale through the Fourth (this Monday). Turns out, there is such a  thing called Fiscal Year-End, around the 30th of June, which causes some of my sellers to make outrageous deals with hard-to-place liquor to fill … Continue reading

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Chocolate Amaretto Bundt Cake

I thought I’d start this project whereby I occasionally bake cakes and hand out samples to customers. Liquor-spiked cakes. Beyond the blatant attempt to get you to visit the store in eager anticipation (Pavlov, anyone?) and buy more product (I … Continue reading

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Budweiser and the Fourth

Budweiser has a way with advertising. Who can forget the frogs burping out “Bud” “Weis” “Er” like some college frat boys? Or the iconic Clydesdale? Which reminds me – things are so tight this year, I didn’t receive a Clydesdale … Continue reading

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