Kumbaya – Red and White Wine from California

Kumbaya Red and White Wines on sale for $9.99.

Kumbaya Red Wine

Kumbaya Red Wine

Red table wine from California that goes great with spicy food but can stand on its own.

20% Cabernet Savignon,
26% Syrah, 26%, Merlot, 28% Zinfandel

Ripe blackberry and red currant flavors, with spicy accents; very smooth and velvety on the finish. This wine is versatile and fun to try with a wide range of dishes. How about grilled lamb kabobs or classic American hamburgers with grilled onions and all the trimmings, or for those veggie fans, eggplant Parmesan or Paneer Tikka Massala? -fact sheet

We also carry the white table wine because it tastes very nice, is easy to drink and has a hint of cooling sweetness.

46% Chardonnay, 28% Sauvignon Blanc,
18% Pinot Gris, 8% Muscat

Delicate honeysuckle and citrus notes on the nose, with expansive citrus, ripe pear and golden apple flavors. The wine is fruity on the palette yet finishes crisp. It pairs well with exotically seasoned or spicy dishes such as Thai or
Indian curry, chicken Satay, or Cuban pulled pork. –fact sheet

From Kumbaya’s Website

Originally a hymn sung by farmer slaves living off the South Carolina and Georgia coasts, Kumbaya means “Come by here” in Creole dialect. A symbol of unity in the 60’s and cynicism in more recent times, we bring harmony back to Kumbaya by combining different grape varietals together to make a cohesive blend. We approach our winemaking from a ying-and-yang perspective; balancing strength with suppleness, fruitiness with structure, a mouth filling entry with a crisp finale. Let our wine bring happiness and balance to your next gathering.

Building harmony and goodwill one glass at a time... Kumbaya



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