A New Black and Tan

We haven’t been able to get Mississippi Mud for awhile, a Black and Tan beer which came in a cute brown jug with a handle. (Little brown jug, how I love thee!) So my rep told me about Saranac 6 packs and we brought them in. Everyone who has tried it really likes it. It is a dark brown beer with a bitter twang that many people find pleasant and refreshing.

Here are the tasting notes from Saranac Black and Tan.

A beer lover’s dream! This classic Irish stout and amber lager blend is malty, yet pleasantly bitter with many complex flavor notes. Look for a deep brown-black color and full-body.

Beer Style: Stout, amber lager blend
Malt Selections: Chocolate, caramel, black roasted barley
Hop Selections: Willamette
Color: Dark Brown / Black
Mouthfeel / Body: Heavy
Food Companions: Steaks, hearty stews, soups, oysters/clams
Alcohol By Volume: 5.1%
Original Gravity: 13.60

Saranac is family owned by Matt Brewing Company in the Adirondacks. Founded in 1888 by German-born immigrant Francis Xavier Matt, or F.X. as he liked to be called. Today, under the leadership of the third and fourth generations of the Matt family, the brewery still crafts beer to the exacting standards set forth over a century ago.

Get ready for the Coming of the Great Pumpkin Give-away!

We will trade you a carved pumpkin for up to $7 off a 6 pack of beer. Get a free six pack of Bud or Coors or pay just a couple dollars for New Belgium or other microbrew.

We will display your pumpkins all weekend in front of the store. Come by and see them glow! October 29, 30 and 31st only!!!

Jack O’Lanterns must be in acceptable condition. We reserve the right to refuse Jack O’Lanterns and discount. Limit one per family.


About 133liquor

Jennifer McGavin is Owner/Manager of 133 Liquor in Paonia, CO, a great place to mountain bike, hike, fish, and then knock off for a cold one. Check back often for weekly specials and insider tips.
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