Jubelale 2010 – At 133 Liquor

We are getting our first shipment of Deschutes Brewery Jubelale in today and boy, are we excited.

As you know, Jubelale has different art work every year and now it’s even being shown at Tumalo Art Co. in Bend, Oregon (see picture). Four of their members have created original artwork for Deschutes’ Jubelale bottles.

This year, Oregon artist Natasha Bacca’s unique “creation of light” adorns the label. Bacca says, “This piece illustrates a cold winter night in the background with a dynamic warm fire in the foreground. I wanted the composition of the work to exhibit a balance of cool scenery elements with the warm and energetic celebrations of the season, exemplifying this festive time of year.” (Seasonal Ales, Deschutes)

Early reviews:

This year’s version pours a nice tawny brown color, and you can really pick out the molasses in the aroma—to me it comes across as a leathery-sweet, warming note. It rich and malty and a touch spicy, much of which comes from the hops (East Kent Goldings, I believe), though I won’t swear there isn’t anything else in there too. The alcohol makes itself known with a drying finish but at the same time it doesn’t cut through the sweetness and nutty roastiness of the malt. – Jon, Sept. 21, 2010

Taste is a rainbow of winter spices, cinnamon, pumpkin, ginger, clove, and the spiced rum really comes through. This is a semi malt forward beer that seems to warm the pallete with a good amount of sweetness, a sort of toasted brown sugar to it. –elimination at beeradvocate.com


About 133liquor

Jennifer McGavin is Owner/Manager of 133 Liquor in Paonia, CO, a great place to mountain bike, hike, fish, and then knock off for a cold one. Check back often for weekly specials and insider tips.
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