Specials 09/08/10 – 09/14/10

What’s up this Week?

This week is the anniversary of one of the few attacks on our country’s own soil. As we remember the dead, let us remember to be righteous to the living. Leave the community center in New York alone and let them do their thing. They are not a threat!

Two Drawings Only Available at 133 Liquor!

We have two great drawing going on which you should enter. The first is a drawing for one of three, beer glass sets (6 glasses) with Stella Artois on the glass. They hold 0,3 liters (about 12 ounces) and are clearly marked with the line, like they have in Europe. Worth $64.99 at Amazon.com, these are really cool glasses! drawing will be held on the 15th of September, 2010.

Stella Artois Glasses
Stella Artois Glasses

The second is a Colorado Lottery Second Chance Drawing. Staple non-winning tickets, equaling five dollars, together and put them in the box. If the lottery draws your packet, you receive twenty, $2.00 tickets from a “Cash Attack” pack! A $40.00 value for each of five winners. Your odds are really good, so enter! Drawing will be held on the 6th of October, 2010.

In Other News

All red wines are 5% off this week!

Rolling Rock is on sale, too! Five percent on a six or twelve pack.


About 133liquor

Jennifer McGavin is Owner/Manager of 133 Liquor in Paonia, CO, a great place to mountain bike, hike, fish, and then knock off for a cold one. Check back often for weekly specials and insider tips.
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